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Check out this Commercial Grow using ProSource LED Grow Lights!

Through ongoing research and testing, we have developed a line of LED grow lights featuring proprietary technology. There is no question that these lights can and will provide thick vegetative growth with prolific flowering. When used properly and in the correct configuration, our lights will produce a professional, finished product while giving you an exceptional yield. Please call using the number above or Contact Us for a FREE consultation.

ProSourceWorldwide – Developer of LED Grow Lights

Please see our newly added sections titled “Truth in Advertising” & “Why Choose Us” which provide information that exposes the misconceptions and myths that dominate this industry to the reality that LED Grow Lights are here to stay. From the professional grower to the hobbyist, one must get educated about what makes one light differ from another. This is a must read for anyone interested in purchasing LED grow lights and is full of useful information to help you in making your purchasing decision.

How To Grow With LED Grow Lights

We at ProSource Worldwide understand that even though growing with LEDs offers many benefits to small and large-scale growers alike, it also presents a couple of challenges. No matter what you are growing with LED grow lights, you must take a few simple but vitally important changes to ensure a successful grow – cycle after cycle.

This is why we made this instructional video. No longer will you have to guess about how to grow with LEDs – just watch the video and follow our guide for simple tips to maximize your yield! If you need more help along the way – just contact us via email, check out our LED Grow Lights FAQ, or give us a call.

Commercial Medical Grow

Commercial LED Grow LightsCheck out this ground breaking video of a commercial grow. Finally there is PROOF that LED Grow Lights are the answer for commercial growing.

Making the decision to switch to LED grow lighting is not one that should be taken lightly, nor should you feel as though you are making a leap of faith.

This is why we have taken all the risk & put our money where our mouth is with our:

90-Day No-Risk Trial on all Illuminator LED Grow Lights

Very simply put, if your grow is not performing as it should, let us know and we can try to help. Otherwise, just send it back to us for a refund of 100% of the purchase price – No Questions Asked!
Now you can buy a light based on PERFORMANCE not PROMISES.

New Full-Cycle LED Grow Lights available in 90W, 180W, & Commercial 400w.

Illuminator LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light Spectrum

5-Band Tri-Spectrum Proprietary Technology

Very specific wavelengths within the Red, Blue, & Infrared bandwidths provide the most beneficial light to your plants. The green, orange, & yellow spectra provide very little to no benefit to the development of your plants therefore you wouldn’t use those bandwidths in your design. The “Design” is the configuration of Wavelengths that you employ into your light along those most desirable spectra. With the development of New Technology, now we can duplicate the most desirable Wavelengths of light your plants find most beneficial & those wavelengths can be found at the key absorption points along the photosynthetic spectrum.

We explain in a straight forward approach why we design our light the way we do and why this design is the most effective approach to producing superior results. While we could design full-spectrum LED grow lights, the 5-Band Tri-Spectrum approach is by far the most desirable combination to allow for the best possible results.

Illuminator LED Grow Lights use a 5-Band Tri-Spectrum design of Red, Blue & Infrared to deliver over 95% absorbable light to your plants, compared to only 15% with High Intensity Discharge Lighting, but that’s not where it ends. The ultimate goal to developing a Commercial and Warehouse Grow-ready LED Grow Light is to be able to deliver the optimum wavelengths your plants require and be able to support all cycles of plant growth. Plants crave different wavelengths during each cycle of growth therefore you need the appropriate elements designed into your lighting system to support this function. By using Proprietary LED Technology, we developed a series of LED Grow Lights that produce spectacular results which are now as mainstream as Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Lighting.

Common Questions About LED Grow Lights

  1. What can I grow with an LED grow light?

    From herbs to orchids, cactus to medical cannabis, our lights are guaranteed to grow whatever you throw at them. Not designed for sea algae.

  2. How do your lights stack up against my trusty HPS in terms of yield?

    Our research, coupled with independent testing, has shown that our LED grow lights can match or exceed the yield of HPS grow lights. Please call or email for a one-on-one consultation with our highly trained support staff. This way, we can properly match your current HPS configuration to ensure peak performance and yield.

  3. Are LED Grow Lights worth the investment?

    Really the question is: Can you afford not to? Our lights are proven to save up to 75% on electricity costs when compared to HID lighting. If that wasn’t enough, when you take into account that you do not need expensive ballasts, replacement bulbs, heat removal systems, nor do you have to worry about burning your plants, you can see that these lights can pay for themselves quickly. In as little as 18 months for larger grows and about 24 months for the hobbyist, you can recoup your initial investment.

Wholesale LED Grow Lights

If you are interested in multiple units, please contact us regarding a volume discount. This is perfect for larger scale growers requiring 10 or more units. Please email us or call with any questions you might have about LED grow lights.