Recalled LettuceA new, voluntary recall has cropped up in Salinas, California. Pacific International Marketing, announced yesterday that they would voluntarily recall of 19 cases of bulk romaine lettuce which affects Vons and Pavilions stores in California and Nevada. The recall stems from concerns that the romaine may be tainted from Salmonella exposure.

Though the recall was announced out of an abundance of caution after testing positive for Salmonella bacterium, the source of contamination has not yet been identified.

The lettuce, sold in bulk produce bins between July 2-4, is banded with a red twisty tie marked “Safeway” and bears the code 12EASROM182. No pre-bagged or lettuce in cartons were affected.

Thus far there have been no reported illnesses in connection with consumption of the contaminated lettuce. Consumers are advised to discard their lettuce or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Yet another reason to grow your own with Prosource Worldwide’s LED grow lights!


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Starting seeds or clones using LED grow lights is surprisingly simple. Start your seeds in your favorite medium (I like ProMix) with 30-40% perlite added to increase drainage and aeration. Depending on the seed planted, it may be beneficial to use a seedling heat mat to reduce germination time.

Whether with seed or clone, start out with the 90W or 180W light at about 18-24 inches from the top. After the first true leaves form, drop the lights to the recommended height for vegetative growth – see chart below.

LED Light Height


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