How tall can my plants get under a 90W Illuminator? 180W Illuminator?

The 90W Illuminator can sustain a plant up to about 3 ft tall while the 180W Illuminator can support plants over 4ft tall.

How many plants can I grow with my Illuminator?

The answer is – it depends. You could grow a single small/medium sized plant with the 90W light or 9 very small plants in a SOG arrangement. The number of plants you have per light depends on the finished size of the plants you want to grow as well as the dimensions of the space you wish to cover.

There are several diodes in my light that do not light up or are very dim, is this normal?

Yes, these are infrared diodes. You won’t be able to see the light coming off of these diodes but they are working to help your plants grow.

When do I lower my lights for flowering?

First, switch to a 12 on 12 off lighting schedule. Then, drop the lights down only when you see buds forming. Dropping too soon can lead to reduced growth and yield.

What are the four switches on top of my 180W Jumbo Illuminator for?

If turned on individually, each switch will activate all the fans and 1/4 of the light. Each additional switch turned on will operate another 1/4 of the light. This is another way to control light intensity for early seedlings and clones. Alternatively, you can use the light full-on and just alter the light height above the plant to control intensity.

Can the Illuminators support a plant for both vegetative growth and flowering or do I need another light?

Yes, all of our full-cycle lights are designed to support your plants from seed/clone through flowering – no extra light needed.

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