Re-Body Meratrim

Re-Body Meratrim is a dietary supplement that promises to be a breakthrough flower and fruit formula that was specially created to boost metabolism. According to the manufacturer, it was clinically shown to help you lose weight in eight weeks. Its plant-based slimming formula, without any stimulants is claimed to maintain a proper adiponectin level responsible for burning fat and losing weight. But does Re-Body Meratrim really worth trying, or are you expected to throw your money out of the window? The supplement was featured in February 2014 on the popular Dr. Oz show, where the specialist claimed that it can help reduce your fat stores and help you lose weight. Since then, Re-Body has repackaged Meratrim and says that it is a proprietary blend of natural flower fruit and extracts.

Re-Body Meratrim contains only two ingredients: Garcinia mangostana fruit rind and Sphaeranthus indicus flower. These are claimed to have been chosen for their lipolytic (fat burning) and anti-adipogenic properties. In order to start enjoying these benefits, you are recommended to take one 400mg capsule of the supplement twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) about 30 minutes before a meal. The product is claimed not to contain any stimulants, and to be manufactured without sugar, chemical additives, soy, artificial colors, gluten, or artificial flavors. Let us take a closer look at the ingredients contained in the supplement.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The company says that Meratrim claims that there are no side effects from using it. But if you take a look at the ingredients individually, you will find out that a lot of research disproves this claim. For example, Sphaeranthis Indicus flower extract leads to an increase in the amount of testosterone. This may not be a big problem for a man, but a woman will suffer a lot. Thus, when a woman starts too much testosterone, she gains masculine-like features, such as excess body hair, a deeper voice, and aggressive mood swings. Garcinia Mangostana Extract can cause problems with clotting blood and excessive bleeding. Those who are using any blood thinners should consult their doctor before taking Meratrim because it could lead to uncontrollable bleeding, especially if they are going to have surgery. Green tea extract may cause a number of adverse due to its stimulant properties. It puts at risk those suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia, tachycardia, and anxiety. You should avoid Re-Body Meratrim if you have any of these conditions. L-carnitine may cause even more serious side effects including nausea, vomiting, and seizures. This compound may also change an individual's body odor, making it "fishy."

If you are considering the possibility of taking Re-Body Meratrim you are probably interested whether it is a legitimate option. According to the official website of the company, it has been clinically shown to reduce hip and waist size over the course of eight weeks but no evidence is provided on the site. The Indian study that backed up the manufacturer's promises is not available online. There is lack of clinical evidence proving that Garcinia mangostana or Sphaeranthus indicus have any effect on weight loss. Nevertheless, many customers have disclosed their experiences on different third-party websites. The online reputation of the product seems to be mixed. While some people claim that Re-Body Meratrim was beneficial for them in their desire to lose weight, others said that it had no impact at all. A number of consumers reported suffering from unwanted side effects such as headaches, nausea, and reflux. Let us take a look at the real users' reviews let online.

"Everyone knows that to lose weight we must eat healthy food and exercise. I thought Re-Body Meratrim would help me lose a few pounds in combination with a diet and exercise. But after taking this product for two weeks I saw absolutely no effect. I haven't lost a single pound and I have been exercising regularly. This supplement is not worth the money it costs."

"I bought Re-Body Meratrim because of the hype but it didn't work for me at all. I even increased my activity and cut calories but this product did not show anything. I am very disappointed in the supplement. I gave it to my daughter but it didn't help her either. I will not buy it again. Waste of money!"

"I tried Re-Body Meratrim and followed the directions. After drinking the whole bottle I did not lose any weight. Actually, I gained a bit. It probably had the reverse effect on me. I started feeling hungrier and it was difficult for me to resist food cravings. Not worth it!"



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