Ingredients of Ultimate Testo Explosion

There is no comprehensive ingredient list of this product on the website which means that the company does not really care about the health of their customers. However, I managed to find out that the main ingredients in Ultimate Testo Explosion include Tongkat Ali and fenugreek extract. These ingredients are believed to be able to boost testosterone, increase blood circulation and improve the sexual health of a user in general. Yohimbe and L-Turaline are some other ingredients in this supplement.

Another natural ingredient of Ultimate Testo Explosion is L-Turaline. It is an amino acid that has similar functioning as glutamine. This amino acid is used in bodybuilding communities due to its ability to make muscles store more water. This helps to increase cell volume, however, this does not mean that the muscles are growing. It is better to say that they are filled with water which can be easily removed from the body any moment. But most users think that their muscles are growing due to the expanded muscular cells. That is why if you wish to see real muscle growth, I would not recommend using L-Turaline.

Another active ingredient in Ultimate Testo Explosion is Yohimbe. It is classified as an indole alkaloid, an evergreen tree growing in central and Western Africa. Yohimbine can be found in its bark. It is believed to possess energy-raising properties and thermogenic capabilities, however, these uses have not been proven in clinical surrounding. It is thought to dilate blood vessels, which is associated with improved workouts and better endurance. It is used in weightlifting communities where burning fat is an important issue.

L-Citruline is the next main ingredient in the supplement. It is an organic compound that is known to be able to increase Nitric Oxide levels in the human body. Nitric Oxide helps muscles to develop due to the fact that it helps to deliver oxygen and vital nutrients muscles. L-Citruline is used in sports by athletes who want to gain stamina, endurance, and strength. This compound also helps to reduce the lactic acid buildup in the muscles. This phenomenon is associated with faster recovery and less soreness. Unfortunately, the dosage of Nitric Oxide in the product is unknown, which means that it simply may not be enough for positive effects.

As you can see, Testo Explosion works to increase free testosterone levels in the body. Some of its ingredients can really be helpful if used in proper amounts, while others are ineffective at all. Besides, a significant part of the formula's ingredients is unknown. Let's see what side effects can occur while using this supplement and what other people think about it.

Where To Buy Ultimate Testo Explosion?

There are two pricing package options of Ultimate Testo Explosion. The first option presupposes a single purchase that charges the buyer a one-time fee. The cost of one bottle is $98.49. The second option is the 14-day trial offer that offers trying the product during 14 days for only $4.95 (shipping and handling fee). However, some users report that they were billed before the end of this period. It isn't available on Walmart, Amazon or GNC.



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